Deadly Domestic Incident Under Investigation

The peace and quiet of South Milnor Drive in Raleigh neighborhood were shattered Saturday morning. Memphis Police were alerted just after 11:00 via 911. "A female indicated that she had shot her husband," says Lt. Don Ross.

Police say Valerie Herron first told her two young children to go downstairs. "I don't think the shooter had planned to shoot her husband at the time she told the children to go downstairs," adds Ross. Police believe the fatal shot rang out in the midst of a heated argument.

In the absence of pre-meditation--Herron was charged with manslaughter rather than murder.

Police say it's unusual for a woman to be the aggressor in a domestic violence case. Victim's advocate Heidi Verbeek agrees. "They may slap and hit--but you don't normally see a woman killing their spouse," says Verbeek, who is the Executive Director of the Shelby County Crime Victim's Center. She's not sure Valerie Herron had a choice in doing what she did. "And I'm not sure about this case, so I can't comment on that--but I think women can only take so much," says Verbeek. "There's a point where they break," she adds. Regardless--she thinks this case sends a clear message. No matter if you're a man or a woman--don't wait until it's too late to get help. "Tell someone--tell someone that can help you (so things won't get to this point)."

If you or someone you know needs assistance related to domestic violence, contact the crime victim's center at 545-HELP.