Feds release O.C. Smith interrogation tape

O.C. Smith walked into this interview not knowing it was being secretly taped. The camera is in the ceiling. Prosecutor Pat Harris is seated at in the room, along with two ATF agents.

It became clear to Smith that this was not just a casual conversation, when they asked if they could read him his rights

He agreed.

"That's fairly bold a yeah, I mean go ahead," Smith said.

After some small talk prosecutor Harris started asking Smith to give him some background, since he had just entered the case.

Then--not long after--told him he was the subject of the investigation.

Smith said he wasn't surprised.

Soon after Harris abruptly left and the two ATF Agents started questioning Smith.

They said they didn't understand how someone like Smith could be taken by just one attacker.

"Either you're an absolute wuss, or you gave up. And I'm trying to figure out which it is," said one of the ATF agents.

The agents kept hammering at Smith who never lost his cool.

"I just signed a Miranda thing right now so a you know that's a little strange. You keep asking me for things. I'm thinking you know something, what would a lawyer tell me to do right now. Talk to you or to sit down and shut up," said Smith.

The Agent asked Smith how he wold like to see the whole thing turn out.

"I'd like you to find the individual responsible," Smith replied.

"You said it yourself the last time we talked this is a guy who needs help. If he needed help, we can get him help. Is that what you said. Were those your exact words?" the agent replied.

Smith said he didn't like being the subject of the investigation. The tape ended without Smith confessing to anything.

Jurors could not come up with a verdict in Smith's trial, so the judge declared a mistrial. Prosecutors announced yesterday they will not retry O.C. Smith. Right now he's looking at his options.