Senator John Ford goes before ethics committee

State Senator John Ford has never been one to hold back--and Wednesday afternoon was no exception.

"I have not violated any senate rules for the 30 years that I have been here!" Ford say vehemently.

But Ford does admit improperly filling out a disclosure report back in 2003. He should have disclosed his role as a consultant for a subcontractor with ties to TennCare. Ford and his lawyers argued it was a simple mistake.

"Everyone makes an inadvertent error from time to time and we certainly believe that's what occurred here," said attorney Ed Yarbrough.

Ultimately, that's up to members of the Senate Ethics Committee to decide. Wednesday's testimony was seen as an opportunity for them to gather evidence and hear first-hand from the parties involved. John Ford said his reputation is on the line.

"It's about my integrity, the integrity of this body--and I have done nothing to impugn this integrity," said Ford.

The ethics committee gave itself 14 days to reach a decision. But the chairman said this might not be the last time Senator John Ford appears in the hot seat.

"If there are other complaints--we'll take them up in a timely manner also," said Sen. Ron Ramsey.

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