Members of the Ethics Committee say Ford made a "veiled threat"

Members of the Senate Ethics Committee are saying Sen. John Ford, of Memphis, made a veiled threat in his latest letter to Committee Chairman Ron Ramsey.

At the end of it, Sen. Ford warns Ramsey: "Those of us who live in glass houses should not be the first to throw stones."

"When I got down to the P.S. on the letter, it troubled me because I just don't think it should have been on the letter, I don't think it was appropriate on that letter," said Sen. Curtis Person, a Republican from Memphis.

Sen. Ramsey is the one calling Ford's latest comments a "veiled threat"

Ford has said he hasn't broken any rules or laws and pointed out yesterday he is not the only consultant in the Tennessee Senate.

The Elections Board set a hearing date for May 11. Sen. Ford will have a chance to explain in person or in writing whether expenditures on his 2003 financial papers were for personal use. The board may also make a ruling then.