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Posted by Jason Miles, 3/17/05, 5:00 p.m.

Ethics Committee says "veiled threat" won't slow Ford investigation

State Sen. Ron Ramsey says a letter from Sen. John Ford contains a "veiled threat."

It's dated before Sen. Ford's hearing before the Senate Ethics Committee--and in the letter Ford states he looks forward to "clearing his name."

But it's the P.S. that's really caught everyone's attention.

Ford warns: "Those of us who live in glass houses should not be the first to throw stones."

Ramsey told a Nashville newspaper the remark "comes to the edge of impeding an investigation."

Ramsey chairs the Senate Ethics Committee that's recently decided to expand its investigation into Ford's finances.

Thursday the state Registry of Election Finance issued a show-cause order to Ford to explain campaign funds used to pay for the senator's daughter's wedding. They include: $2,500 paid to the Peabody Hotel for a reception and professional services, $6,500 paid to the Peabody for professional services and entertainment expenses. And $2,000 for flowers.

The Ethics Committee side-stepped the campaign expenses issue the day before the Registry of Election Finance issued that order. A hearing date is set for May 11th.

In the meantime you can let your voice be heard by sending your state leaders an email. Simply click on the names below.

Sen. John Ford

Sen. Curtis Person

Sen. Ron Ramsey

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