MCS could lose millions of dollars if the schools aren't brought into federal compliance

Budget problems are nothing new for Memphis City Schools. But the problem could get a lot worse. This time the problem involves handicapped accessible schools. Most of the city schools are not in compliance. It's going to cost a lot of money to get the buildings where they need to be. Memphis city schools could lose millions of dollars if the schools aren't brought into federal compliance. The city schools need to make the school buildings handicapped accessible in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities act. City council member Tajuan Stout Mitchell says the total cost could be $40-million. Mitchell says the Memphis city council is bailing out the city schools for now with $9.2 million get 16 schools in compliance. This came after the county commission said no to the city schools. Tajuan Stout Mitchell, Memphis City Council said, "We addressed it the best way we could. We also face a situation with budget concerns. But we recognized you don't need to play with the federal government." The reason it costs so much to get the city schools into compliance is because most of them need elevators. And many of the schools like Central High are built on a split level which requires more than one elevator. There are a lot of schools that need the work. 116 Memphis city schools need changes to be in compliance. The Memphis city schools have a plan to make the corrections but money still has to be allocated. Tuesday the Memphis City council is set to give the approval for the $9.2 million. A Memphis City Schools said for now the feds are working with the school system.