Father pens children's book to explain protesting

Father pens children's book to explain protesting

(WMC) - A father wrote a book after his 6-year-old son asked him about protesting.

Kenneth Braswell is the founder of Fathers Incorporated, an Atlanta-based non-profit dedicated to helping fathers be better.

Braswell said his six-year-old asked him, "What's protesting?" when he heard about protests happening in honor of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

Braswell said he had an adult answer, but he was not prepared or sure how to answer that question for a 6-year-old.

To help other fathers in similar situations, Braswell penned a book titled, "Daddy, There's a Noise Outside."

The book starts with two children waking up after hearing noises coming from outside their home. The children's parents then work to explain what the noises were and what was happening in their neighborhood.

You can learn more about the book or purchase it from the Fathers Incorporated website or Amazon.com.

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