Caught on camera: Man running from fight runs over innocent woman

Woman hit by van while man runs from fight

Baltimore MD (CNN) - Baltimore police said a man is facing charges after he hit a woman with his van while trying to get away from a fight.

It was an unbelievable scene. "I just kind of had the feeling that it wasn't over at that point," said one witness who didn't want to be identified. It wasn't over.

The driver was apparently trying to get away from men pounding on his van.

"For a second I wanted to yell down to people, but they're not going to listen to me, everybody needs to get out of here now, because the guy is kind of crazy at this moment," the witness said.

Then, the van crashed backwards. The witness described what's shown on video.

"You hear a guy yelling that he hit someone twice. I assumed he could have it someone, but I didn't realize it turned out to be as bad as it was."

"We're very fortunate that there weren't more serious injuries, but we have a 27-year-old woman who is suffering from some serious injuries and its just remarkably that they're non-life-threatening," Baltimore Police Director T.J. Smith said.

Baltimore police took 28-year-old Orlando Redd into custody a short distance away from the scene.

Police said Redd appeared to be the victim of an assault -- but that doesn't excuse his actions.

"That's independent of the fact that in your effort of trying to get away, you harmed other people and put many other people lives at risk and in danger," Director Smith said.

Redd is facing many charges, including assault.

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