Janeen's Journal: How she coped with health scare

Janeen's Journal: How she coped with health scare

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - My recent health scare had me thinking of my life's journey.

When depression started to kick in, I went to work. I joined the Kroc Center. I worked out five days a week for an hour: cardio, weight-training, water aerobics, and Inferno Pilates at the Bikram Studio in Overton Square.

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I got my dogs, Barron and Tiger, in on the action. They took me on daily walks through Midtown, Cooper Young, and Downtown. Since my voice was out, I listened to nature bristle against the trees and watched the birds fly overhead, while a lonely pigeon would stroll by as if it didn't have a care in the world.

Exercise was a huge stress reliever! My mother (although she does not have a medical degree) thought stress was impacting my vocal cords.

After every good workout, I went home and cooked my own meals. Before I got sick, I would go out to eat five to six times a week.

I have avoided beef and pork for more  than 20+ years, so I packed my diet with lean turkey, chicken, fish, and lots of seafood. I eliminated pasta (my favorite food in the world) and replaced it with spaghetti squash--and it was not too bad.

I also ate fresh foods, mostly. I ate nothing frozen or canned for 45-60 days. Every meal consisted of a lean protein, vegetables, and fruit...no bread or dairy. I also made sure to drink a gallon of water per day.

So, I exercised and ate better but something was still missing. The love of my family and friends allowed me to get through every MAJOR obstacle in my life, and because of that, I reconnected with my family members.

I started having Sunday dinners which haven't been done since the 1980s when my grandmother was alive.

I spent more time in my girlfriends' circle. We've had a bond for 30+ years. I sat and listened to the conversations and was enlightened; I felt loved and appreciated for being me.

In the end, my journey was about getting back to what matters. Living the life God has for me and surrounding myself more often with the people who love me the most. This journey has given me clarity and refocus on my true purpose in life: helping others.

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