Students rap about life in Foote Homes Housing Project

Students raise voice in music video

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - South Memphis students are bring light to a controversial issue through their new music video "This is the life."

The video and song talk about what life is like inside of the Foote Homes Housing Project.

The City of Memphis was awarded a $30 million federal gr ant to convert the housing project.

It will be converted into a renovated housing development, and while this is happening many of the students and their families will be displaced.

"It's a place they consider home to see it change in any way or displaced that can be tough," said Rufus Smith.

Smith works with Streets Music Factory, an outreach ministry that helps students make their own music.

The students debuted their song and video in front of a packed room of peers, family, and mentors.

"Getting this type of exposure, good exposure that is something I could only dream about," said Booker T. Washington student Trenton Jones.

Jones is just one of the students to rap in the video. He said he hopes his music will bring positive change.

There are some groups in opposition of the redevelopment of the Foote Homes housing project. Some groups would rather see the existing infrastructure stay with renovations versus an entire demolition.

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