Son seeking justice 26 years after family's murders

Man waiting for killers to be executed

WALNUT, MS (WMC) - It is a gruesome murder of a family similar to Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood."

Robert Simon, Jr. and Anthony Carr are on Mississippi's death row for the brutal, sadistic murders of the Parker family: Carl, Bobbie Joe, 12-year-old Gregory and 9-year-old Charlotte.

It happened 26 years ago in a small Mississippi town. Now, Scott Parker wants to know why the two men responsible have not yet been executed.

"I think its time for the State of Mississippi to step up to the plate," Parker said. "They done been down there long enough."

Scott Parker said he visits the cemetery weekly.

"I come out here every Sunday," Parker said.

Parker was 19 year old, in the military and out of the country when his father, stepmother, stepsister and brother were murdered. Carl Parker was a farmer in Walnut, Mississippi.

Flowers mark the spot where the family was murdered in their home. Investigators said Simon and Parker tied up all of the family members, shot them and raped 9-year-old Charlotte. The men then set the house on fire.

The Parker family had been at a church service and surprised the two burglars.

Robert Simon was four hours away from execution in 2011.

"We were just so excited--the whole family--to hear that phone call to say it's not going to happen."

A circuit court stayed the execution amid questions about Simon's mental evaluation. Scott Parker said he cannot forget or forgive.

"People say, 'Scott, you've got to let it go and forgive.' I can't do that," he said,

Parker said he will not rest until the two men are executed.

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