Teachers, students prepare for TNReady testing despite system failure

Teachers, students prepare for TNReady testing despite system failure

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A computer glitch led to the failure of the TNReady testing system Monday, causing the online testing to be scrapped for 2016.

Now, teacher and parents are seeking answers from Tennessee education leaders, asking what is being done to fix the mistakes.

"They should have gotten some of the bugs out of it, tried it out, maybe," Charlsie Carroll said. "When that many people are all using the same thing at the same time."

Carroll said she can see why the state would rather do the testing online, but there is no excuse for not being prepared.

"Has to be very hard on the teachers, because they were hoping this--I'm sure this new way would work," Carroll said. "And to have to go back to the other change at the last minute, it's bound to be hard."

Dr. Russell Dyer with Collierville Public School said his district and the teachers saw these problems coming.

"Had prepared for contingencies, so we were prepared for whatever was going to take place," Dyer said.

State Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said they are still trying to figure out what went wrong with the system and the company hired to administer the tests, but she said it became clear they could not allow any more chances for things to go wrong.

"We are losing confidence in the ultimate stability that everyday we're going to get on that," McQueen said. "And it's going to work, so we want to make sure that students are experiencing a platform with confidence and not with the continuing issues that we're seeing."

Now, teachers and students have no choice but to be ready for the test in any form when it is finally ready.

"They are ready," Dyer said. "They are teaching lessons and making sure our students are academically ready for any kind of assessment coming down. So, no, we're not worried about that."

The state is expected to announce the new testing dates by Thursday.

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