Tornado sirens warn Olive Branch residents - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Tornado sirens warn Olive Branch residents

The sirens blared in Olive Branch, warning residents severe weather was on the way. Only one of the 17 sirens was not working. But the Olive Branch fire department knew that earlier this week. Chief John Eason, Olive Branch fire dept. said, "We were notified well in advance that the system was coming across and was probably gonna be in Olive Branch at a certain time and so we had already been setting off the sirens prior to any weather ever coming into Olive Branch." Douglas Vogelsang, National Weather Service said, "As far as we were concerned we were well informed, a 27 minute lead time is really good." Vogelsang said the low level tornado was an F-1, which can have winds from 72 to just over 100 miles an hour, doing moderate damage. People who saw it said it was bouncing up and down never stayed on the ground very long. Aaron Warhurst captured it on his video phone. "I actually was a couple of hundred yards away from it. It just came down. I thought it was amazing actually. I've never seen a tornado like that, and for me to get pictures of it, it was amazing." Flying debris may have been one of the biggest dangers. The Olive Branch fire chief said there were no injuries from Tuesday's twister. What's left is the clean up.
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