Tracking cold air on the WMC Action News 5 Storm Tracker app

Tracking cold air on the WMC Action News 5 Storm Tracker app

This week started on a very cold note and with a few more weeks of winter to go you can bet that we'll be dealing with more periods of cold weather.

There's a great feature on the WMC Action News 5 Storm Tracker app that allows you to see where the cold air is and what temperatures are doing not just here in the Mid-South, but the entire continental United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

I love this feature because it allows me to see on a large scale where cold air resides and where warm air is located. This has been a great tool for me in this El Nino year, allowing me to quickly locate areas of contrasting temperatures and at a glance being able to see where the greatest temperature anomalies are located.

The cold snap this week was very visible on this thermal image. You could really see where the cold air was originating and how it was filtering south through the Mississippi River Valley, bringing it right into the nation's midsection and right into the Mid-South.

If you have the app on your smart phone or iPad, just go into the map window and then touch the layers icon. This will take you to a menu where you'll find multiple functions and features including radar, satellite, wind speed, snow cover, road weather, and water temperature. Just touch the Temperatures icon and then adjust the opacity using the slider across the top of the screen.

While you're there, you may also want to click on the the Winter icon under Alerts. This will give you access to any future winter weather watches, warnings, or alerts that may be issued for your area.

And one other note: this feature works not matter where you are in the United States or the world! The best thing about this app is that it's free. If you already have it, then you know how good it is. If you don't, then you should get it. Just go to your iTunes or app store and search WMC Action New 5 Storm Tracker app.  Get it today and use it everyday.

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