Drug testers on lookout for cheaters

Most people could pass a drug test right now, but those who can not spend untold amounts of time, money and effort trying to trick drug screens. And it matters. Precise drug testing affects your insurance premiums, tax rates and all of our safety on the road and on the job.

Terminator Gold 60, Citrus Vale, Urine Luck--these products sell to people who want to cheat on drug tests. They're on sale right now in Memphis, but Paul Ross knows the ways people try to trick or "adulterate" drug tests.

"A lot of states---not Tennessee---but in a lot of states it's illegal to adulterate a test and I think it's going to be coming here pretty soon," said Paul Ross of the Justice Network.

Ross runs The Justice Network, a private probation agency, hired by the courts to run up to 80,000 Mid-South drug screens a year. Ross says everyday, people try to pull a fast on.

"We've had people use everything from water bottles to hot water bottles to put someone else's urine in to freeze dried urine," said Ross.

Ross subscribes to High Times magazine to keep tabs on the latest trends in drug screening disguises. Websites offer other advanced cons. Ross says catching drug test cheaters helps keep drug abusers off job sites and the roadways.

"Hopefully, drug testing is just a tool. It's not the answer but it certainly is a tool to cut down on that," he said.

Ross estimates that 20 percent of those taking drug tests in the Mid-South fail. In the last year, Ross says the majority of those who fail test positive for crystal meth.