App gets stores to match Walmart's low prices

App forces stores to match Walmart's low prices

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Everyone knows Walmart has a "lowest price guarantee." They just don't know they can score that guarantee at as many as 19 other stores.

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Kyle James, founder and blogger of, revealed if you download the Walmart mobile Savings Catcher app and use it to compare prices on products at certain retailers, those retailers will match the Walmart price on site when you show it to them on your phone.

"I think these stores realize that, OK, a lot of people are walking around with these little computers in their pocket," James said. "If it's still cheaper at Walmart or online, they're going to leave the store. So the retailers realize, 'Let's keep them in the store. Let's give them that Walmart price.'"

To test it, we took savvy consumer Carolyn Michael-Banks shopping. She is the owner of A Tour of Possibilities Memphis tour company and a member of the Metro Memphis Attractions Association, and she said she wears out that Walmart app.

"I was always the type who thought, 'Yeah, we'll go to Walmart (for the lowest price),'" Michael-Banks said.

We took her to Target, one of the stores James said would match Walmart's lowest price on site. We found a Keurig 2.0 pod coffee-maker on sale for $139.99. Michael-Banks whipped out her phone with the Walmart app and found the same model Keurig with a Walmart price of $127.99.

When she took the coffee-maker to Target's customer service desk and displayed the Walmart price shown on her phone, the service agent didn't hesitate to offer her the lower Walmart price right then and there.

"She was like, 'Yeah, no problem!'" said a pleasantly surprised Michael-Banks.

Here are James' three keys to making this work:

* Download the free Walmart Savings Catcher App (Apple users click here; Android users click here). "While some retailers will want to see a printed Walmart ad showing the lower price, the majority will accept the price on the Walmart app, especially if you are polite," James said.

* Don't go to the register or to a floor employee. Go to the customer service desk. "They are the ones who are well-versed in their store policy and can quickly get you that Walmart price," said James.

* Save those receipts! That's because the lower Walmart price might dip even deeper. "If that Walmart price drops typically within seven to 14 days, you can actually bring that receipt back in and get a price adjustment," James said.

"I think I will definitely not take it for granted that Walmart is always cheaper," Michael-Banks said. "It may take a few extra minutes (to look up the lower Walmart price while at another store), but it's worth it and easy!"

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