2-year-old born with heart defect is fighting for his life

2-year-old born with heart defect is fighting for his life
(SOURCE: family)
(SOURCE: family)
(SOURCE: Family)
(SOURCE: Family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two-year-old Steven Crutchfield was born with a heart defect and has already endured three open-heart surgeries.

Little Steven was born with the number one birth defect in newborns: congenital heart disease.

He's extremely camera shy, loves reading and he's fighting for his life.

Steven's mother learned about his heart defect during her eighth month of the pregnancy.

"It was scary. It was very scary," Pennie Crutchfield said.

At his birth, Steven was immediately taken to LeBonheur's Children's Hospital's Cardiovascular ICU where he spent his first 28 days and has since undergone three main open-heart surgeries.

His mother said taking care of Steven and learning more about his condition has been overwhelming.

"It's a lot, with medicines and surgeries and procedures and things like that,"  Crutchfield said.

Doctors said Steven had a large team working to provide medical care for him due to his condition.

"He actually had a very critical and very important type of condition that needed a lot of help when he was born. We had about 10 different cardiologists and five intensive care doctors to really help him," Dr. Alex Arevalo said.

The condition Steven is battling is not rare, but something the American Heart Association is working to reduce.

Approximately 40,000 babies are born each year with congenital heart disease. That is why the American Heart Association strongly advocates for more specific screenings on newborns.

Dr. Arevalo said the research related to childhood heart diseases funded by the American Heart Association is critical to saving lives.

"Early detecting is very key to helping these kids do better in life," Dr. Arevalo said.

Steven has overcome every obstacle that this heart defect has brought his way and he continues to defeat the odds.

"This is my little special baby. This is my miracle child," Crutchfield said. "Lebonheur is a great hospital. We have hope. That's all we can have is hope."

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