WMC, WRBO combine forces to help the community

WMC, WRBO combine forces to help the community

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - WMC Action News 5 and WRBO combined forces to help the community. WMC Action News 5's traffic tracker Janeen Gordon spearheaded it all.

Viewers normally see Janeen directing them through their commute. She was also the former sultry voice of "Love Songs with Janeen Gordon."

After a year away from radio, she returned to her first love Thursday morning at WRBO as a guest host.

"It felt like getting back on a bike after I had been off 15 or 20 years," Gordon said. "Radio is my first love. I love television, but it felt so good."

Janeen went back to WRBO to announce an exciting partnership between WMC, WRBO and several other local radio stations.

"Really it's all about making sure that our community is informed," Gordon explained. "They are being helped with what we are doing. We are entertaining, but we also want to make sure that we can do what we can to help the community out."

The partnership between WMC and WRBO began about a week ago, but it's one that fits the philosophy of giving back to the community that both WMC and WRBO share. It's a radio community that has listened to WRBO's Earle Augustus for more than 20 years.

"We feel this is a way to get out into the community," Augustus said. "And in this partnership we will help each other and do a lot of great work together."

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