OK Go releases new 'anti-gravity' music video

OK Go releases new 'anti-gravity' music video

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - OK, here they go again.

Popular rock band OK Go is well known for its creative music videos, featuring everything from treadmills to Rube Goldberg machines to segways.

Now, the band is back with their newest video to accompany their song "Upside Down & Inside Out." It released the video exclusively to Facebook on Thursday morning, and collective jaws around the world dropped -- followed by thousands of shares.

In an opening title card, the band said, "What you are about to see is real. We shot this in zero gravity, in an actual plane, in the sky. There are no wires or green screen."

The video then features the band members and two dancers twirling through a plane cabin, floating, somersaulting, and swimming in midair. They also release paint balloons, brightly colored balls, candy and disco balls into the cabin space, adding bursts of color and light to their single-shot masterpiece.

In just a few hours, the video earned more than 100,000 shares on Facebook.

But, perhaps the band took this video a step too far. It may have 'seemed like a good idea at the time,' but how will they ever top this performance?

We can't wait to find out.

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