Missing teen found among drugs and guns during search warrant

Missing teen found among drugs and guns during search warrant

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A house with drugs, guns, and even toddlers still held one surprise for police when they arrived with search warrants; a missing child was found.

"I saw three Memphis Police Department units around there. I came in the house and I didn't come back out," neighbor Raymond Govan said.

The house in question is right across the street from Hamilton High School.

It's a place students walk by five days a week. But police discovered it's a place filled with drugs and guns.

"I think that's bad. That's serious because it's dangerous," parent Charles Wagner said.

Police, armed with a narcotic search warrant, found heroin, syringes, guns, ammunition, and five children ranging in ages from one to three years old. But that's not all they found.

Police found a 16-year-old girl who had been missing since December. Her mother, who did not want to be identified, said the girl ran away.

Wednesday, she received a phone call from police that her daughter had been found in the house.

"I was really glad to see her and to bring her home. But, maybe a little angry that she ran away. Yes, for real," the mother said.

The mother does not have any details right now about how her daughter ended up in the home.

Police arrested and charged Eddie Keller with weapons and drug offenses and with child abuse and neglect.

Meisha Scruggs was also charged.

A man named Cordale Scruggs was also arrested, however, he is not showing up in the criminal justice system. It is not clear at this time why.

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