MPD officer shot at 3 people in 4 years

MPD officer shot at 3 people in 4 years

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Police released the personnel files of two officers accused of shooting a man who shot at them during a traffic stop.

Police identified the two officers as Clement Marks and Alexander Fleites on Wednesday.

According to the files, Marks has fired his gun at people three times in the past four years.

The most recent shooting happened January 27, 2016. Memphis Police Department said Marks and Fleites shot Johnathan Bratcher after he started shooting at them during a traffic stop. Bratcher died from his injuries.

Bratcher's family knows he was not perfect, but they said officer Clement Marks needs to be off the police force after what has been uncovered about his background.

"He wasn't just a number or statistic. That was my brother," William Green said. "It's a new  movement going on that all lives do matter and they can't take the law in their own hands."

Police records reveal Bratcher was arrested in 2008 and accused of pointing a shotgun at a man with whom he was arguing. He then shot out two windows in the man's car and fired several shots into his home. Bratcher was also arrested and charged with aggravated robbery in 2001.

Another time Marks fired his gun happened April 10, 2015. Investigators said Marks chased after and shot at a man thought to be involved in the Kirsten Williams murder (the man was later found to not be involved in the murder).

MPD determined Marks was not justified in shooting at the suspect, because only believing the suspect may have a weapon does not justify the use of deadly force.

Another shooting happened in 2012. In that case, MPD determined Marks was justified in shooting at the suspect because the suspect pulled a gun on him first.

There was also an excessive force complaint for fighting with a man during a drug arrest. That complaint was not sustained.

"He needs to be prosecuted," Eric Williams' mother, Brinda Williams said. "I was scared because I thought I could have lost my son."

Williams said the officer shot her son because he thought her son was the person who killed the 7-year-old girl on Durby Circle. However, her son was not the same person Officer Marks thought was involved and not the same person Marks fired his weapon at.

"I will be honest, I had a warrant out and I was scared so I took off running and when I took off running, he started shooting," Eric Williams said.

Eric's mother said running was no reason for the officer to shoot at her son.

"He didn't have a weapon or anything. When they shot him, he had his hands up and his back turned," Brinda Williams said.

Eric Williams too said he thinks the officer should be off the force.

Bratcher's family is still grieving and said they want Marks, along with all the other bad apples on the force, out of uniform and without a badge.

"They let him right back in with a simple slap on the wrist. It's that easy?" Green questioned.

The other officer identified as being involved in the shooting, Officer Alexander Fleites, has a clean background with MPD.

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