A Better Mid-South: TN Ready Outrage

A Better Mid-South: TN Ready Outrage

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of WMC Action News 5.

I have made my own rant about the failure of state testing this week when the servers crashed and caused the TN Ready test to be cancelled.

A former educator wrote me this:

"Our state spent 108 million dollars to implement the TNReady test. This infuriates me.  Teachers have lost sleep at night trying to figure out how to cover all the material they are required to cover and at the same time do it in a way that students will have a true understanding of at least some of it. I have seen administrators work countless hours to rearrange schedules to fit the testing Windows. Additionally theyhave worked for hours to make sure all students had time to practice with the computers. Yes, this took precious time away from instruction."

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The Department of Education must be held accountable for this debacle.

Let's get this figured out so our teachers and students can focus on learning and making this A Better Mid-South.

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