Gunfire injures student

A student accidentally shot herself in the arm at a Memphis school Thursday, police said. No one else was reported hurt. The 17-year-old was wounded when she reached in her purse in a classroom and accidentally discharged a handgun she was carrying, said police Sgt. Vincent Higgins. Officers were called to Fairley High School and the student was taken to the Regional Medical Center, where she was listed in non-critical condition. Higgins said the teenager, Ciera Allen, is in the custody of Juvenile Court under the charge of possessing a weapon on school grounds.

Frantic parents checked their children out of school after getting frightening phone calls. Parent Gloria Murray said, "My daughter called me from school. She told me that it was a shooting and to get up here." Students left the school shaken up. Student Corbin Tombert said, "It's a bad feeling innocent people could get shot for no reason just cause of one gun." It happened around 9:45 in a music class. Student Alvin Brewer said, "It was like everybody was in shock. Everybody didn't know what happened they didn't know what to do." Fairley like other Memphis City schools is required to use metal detectors at least 9 times during the school year. Vince McCaskill, Memphis City Schools said, "This school is very much ahead of that. They've done 7 or 8 this year. They've done one this month. But it concerns us that the individual was able to bring a weapon in the school." Student Kelcie Vaughan said, "I think they should have metal detectors everyday. They should have more security." Some parents agree. But school officials say they can't do metal detector checks everyday because it would take too long and they don't have the personnel for something like that.