TumbleDeal or No Deal: Complaints against shopping site

Deal or No Deal?
Screenshot of Tumbledeal.com (Source: Tumbledeal.com)
Screenshot of Tumbledeal.com (Source: Tumbledeal.com)


Business is booming at one of the hottest shopping sites online, but the company is generating a number of unhappy customers. 

Rolex and Michael Kors watches, Coach handbags, and luxury linens are all sold on TumbleDeal.com. The site starts the prices high and let's them tumble lower and lower until someone locks in a price.

It is like a reverse auction with shoppers buying fast. But lately, the complaints against the company are growing as fast as the number of shoppers taking advantage of the deals.

"They have had 30 complaints to the BBB in the last 3 years. Twenty-eight of those came in the last 12 months," BBB Director of Marketing and Communications Nancy Crawford said.

A number of unsatisfied customers expressed their frustration on review blogs. 

"My deal was fake, and I lost $180," one customer complained on complaintboard.com.

"Very disappointed," posted another customer. "Thought I had found a fun site to shop and get good deals, but instead received a box of what seemed to be used items."

"It was either different merchandise or it appeared to be fake merchandise," Crawford said about one specific complaint they received at BBB. 

Still Tumbledeal.com has an A rating with the BBB. 

"A bigger company is going to get more complaints than a smaller company simply because they touch more customers," Crawford explained. 

Several ladies at the Woman's Exchange Shop (WES) off Poplar Avenue, which buys and sells handmade clothing, toys, and jewelry, shared how they avoid getting scammed when buying on the internet.

"Do your research and look at their return policy," WES volunteer Linda Jackson said.

Crawford agreed and said the Federal Trade Commission requires anything you order online be delivered "...as it was represented."

Crawford suggests:

  • Using a credit card rather than a debit card for easier return disputes.
  • Keeping records of the item description and taking pictures immediately when it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Always researching the business before you buy.

"Go online, go on Google, put the company's name in and the word 'complaint,' and if anybody's complained anywhere online you'll probably find that information," she added. 

Crawford confirmed Tumbledeal.com has responded and closed all recent BBB complaints.

"If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Sometimes you think 'Oh wow, I'm getting a great deal, and that deal turns out to be not so great,'" Crawford said.

Tumbledeal.com provided the following statement about recent product complaints:

"At Tumble Deal, we go to great lengths to make sure that every item on our site is legitimate and described as accurately as possible. This way we can ensure that all products are authentic and appropriately reflect what is stated on the product page. While a large majority of our customers are happy with the items they receive from us, there are a small number who make purchases without fully reading what they are buying. For example, some of the complaints on our BBB page are users who bought an MKF (Mia K Farrow) handbag when they thought they were buying Michael Kors. These issues could have been easily alleviated if the customer were to read the product title or description to see that the product is an MKF and not Michael Kors. When instances like this do happen, we have a very up front return policy that we are happy to follow to assist in a resolution. And as you can see from the resolutions on our BBB page, we take pride in the great job we do to resolve issues to keep our customers happy. 

Also, there are some complaints regarding the authenticity of our Coach handbags. With all the misinformation online, in addition to other retailers in the field who do try to mislead their customers, we understand how a user can be skeptical when getting a great deal on a designer handbag. We take extensive measures and have implemented internal processes to make sure our customers are equipped with the necessary information to make a smart decision so they can feel better about shopping with us. For starters, our Coach handbags can be tied to an original purchase from authorized Coach outlets via a receipt.  We also have a well-informed support team that knows how to spot a true Coach handbag, among other brands and styles. We have an extensive help section that we encourage all users to read, which addresses these questions and more. Additionally, we are working to provide our own high quality product photos that we take in-house so users can get a better idea of the specific item they are looking at. Finally, we put together this helpful guide to tell the difference between real and fake Coach handbags. 

These are just some of the steps we take to ensure our customers are fully aware of the item they are purchasing. And if a customer ever has a particular question or concern about an item on our site, they can feel free to reach out to us at support@tumbledeal.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions to make them feel more at ease."

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