Couple needs help to have dream baby

Couple needs help to have dream baby

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Most couples don't let you into their bedroom problems, but Kirsten and Nicholas Bullard are posting about their infertility challenges and asking for help.

The couple has been married for six years. They have yet to carry a child to full term.

"This is the time I want to do something so we can be a family, like we were always meant to be," Kirsten Bullard said.

Bullard said she has been pregnant twice. However, both times they were ectopic pregnancies and she lost the babies.

"It's something that is taboo in our community. Nobody talks about that. Everybody talks about the good, but no one sees the bad," Bullard said.

Doctors told her she may never conceive naturally.

"I was basically told by the doctors that I could never get pregnant again," Bullard said.

But, like many couples with infertility challenges, in vitro fertilization may be the key to helping the Bullards achieve their dream.

The procedure cost close to $20,000. That is more than the couple can afford. For Kirsten, that is no reason to lose faith.

She hopes people will donate and help make their dreams come true.

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