What we're working on Thursday morning

Good morning and happy Thursday!!

Interim Police Director Mike Rallings is addressing what's being done to fill 400 Memphis police officer positions. Rallings said he's been in talks with the police union to try and keep more officers from leaving. We have an update on WMC Action News 5 this morning.

An East Memphis community is talking about the string of burglaries in their neighborhoods. Even some crime fighting leaders haven't been immune from the recent spike. We explain what's being done about it and what came out of an intense community wide meeting on WMC.

The family of a Mid-South police officer are calling on people in the community for support as Corporal Derrick Couch continues to recover at Regional Medical Center. The Clarksdale, Mississippi police officer was shot in the face while responding to a robbery over the weekend. We'll update you on his condition and tell you about a vigil later today on WMC.

New details this morning on the failure of TNReady, the state's online student testing program. We'll tell you what the state plans to do this year that's different from years past.

If you live in Tennessee, you're one step closer to being able to keep a skunk as a pet. Committees in both the house and senate have passed the bill that would allow skunks to be bred and sold as pets. Details this morning on WMC.

It's going to be a great day today. It's cool right now with temps in the 30s and 40s but it is expected to be in the 60s today and 70s tomorrow! Enjoy it! Details on the day and weekend on WMC Action News 5. We do have some rain in the forecast. Weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away.

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