TBI, police investigate suspicious death in Munford

TBI, police investigate suspicious death in Munford

MUNFORD, TN (WMC) - Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents and Munford Police Department officers surrounded a Munford home Thursday morning.

Investigators went to check on Anita Reiben, 72, who missed an appointment Wednesday. When they arrived at her house on Reeder Avenue, they found her dead inside the home.

"The freakiest thing to me was seeing the crime scene tape, so I knew something big was going on," Kelly Copeland, who has lived in the quiet neighborhood for 15 years, said. "It's always been quiet. You never see anybody go in or out."

District Attorney Mike Dunavant asked TBI to join the investigation because the circumstances surrounding her death were suspicious.

Munford police initially showed up to the home in the 300 block of Reeder Avenue home around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. TBI and Munford police did not clear the scene until around 11 a.m. Thursday.

"TBI is the lead investigating agency in this situation, and we are assisting," Munford Police Chief Jim Harger said.

Copeland said after seeing the scene, she will think twice before leaving her home alone again.

"I'm definitely keeping all my doors locked and watching my step when I go outside, watching out for my grandchildren."

But Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole said there's no reason for the community to worry.

"The police department is on top of the situation. We've called in TBI. We are using every resources available to us to find the answers to the questions," Cole said.

Right now TBI and Munford Police Department are calling the case a death investigation. They said they will inform the public if they find any details to suggest foul play.

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