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Happy Friday!

We're following a developing story out of Overton Park this morning. It's where planners studying the parking issue have laid out new options in the battle for more parking space for Memphis Zoo goers. We'll share it with you this morning.

A law that would make it illegal for Tennessee drivers to talk on the phone is one step closer to becoming a reality. Specifics this AM on WMC.

Memphis police busted a burglary at a home on Central Avenue in Central Gardens. One person remains on the run after a scuffle with police that left one police officer hurt.

A scammer could be on the other end of the line in DeSoto County. The Sheriff's Office is warning people to watch out. The caller will ask about possible warrants or fines and threaten to arrest you if it's not taken care of. We'll explain how it works on WMC.

A new Tennessee law could make it harder to remove monuments of confederate leaders. The new Tennessee Heritage Protection Act would preserve everything from highways named for historic figures to large statues on public land, even the state capitol.

Police have decided to release disturbing images of a violent beating and robbery of a U.S. Marine outside a Washington D.C. fast-food restaurant.
Investigators and the victim hope the grainy surveillance video will help identify the young men who attacked him. We'll show it to you this morning.

Today is your chance to land a job with the Memphis Redbirds. The team is looking for outgoing fan-friendly workers to join the seasonal, gameday staff for the 2016 season. Details this morning on WMC.

The Memphis Grizzlies get back in action tonight for the first time since a big shakeup making last second trade deadline deals. Jeff Green, who rebounded as one of the team's top scorers over the last 12 games, now goes to the Clippers for Lance Stephenson and a 2019 first round draft pick. Stephenson will join two other newcomers to the Grizzlies roster. We'll preview tonight's game on WMC.

Sun, wind and warm weather expected today and some of the weekend. Highs in the upper 60s near 70 today..some rain is in the forecast this weekend. Plan your weekend with us this morning with weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away on WMC.

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