Residents excited about possibilities Guest House at Graceland brings

Residents excited about possibilities Guest House at Graceland brings

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Around 60 years ago Elvis Presley became king when he transformed music and pop culture with his style and songs.

Now, residents in Whitehaven say his legacy will continue to live on in about eight months when the Guest House at Graceland opens for business. They said just as Elvis transformed music, the Guest House will transform Whitehaven.

"It is a gold mine. All we need to do now is just dig it up from the ground," Calvin Burton said.

Burton has lived in Whitehaven for more than 40 years and said that is the only way to describe Graceland and what it means to Memphis and Whitehaven.

However, Burton can't figure out why something like the Guest House has not happened sooner. He said opening the 400 room hotel is the first step in mining the gold.

"If the people are going to come, the hotel is going to bring people there. People are gonna want to do other things. So, that's gonna automatically happen," Burton said.

He said it will be huge for businesses already in the area.

"In that aspect, you're going to see other businesses wanting to relocate on that corridor," Burton added.

Graceland is holding a job fair on Tuesday to fill a long list of seasonal jobs.

Marvin Newsum has lived in Whitehaven for more than 30 years and couldn't be happier about the opportunity.

"We do need some jobs because that's one way to alleviate a lot of crime," Newsum said.

Both men said the Guest House at Graceland and next week's job fair are about to start a large snowball effect. People get jobs at Graceland, crime goes down, more businesses move in, and that means more jobs move in, is the snowball effect residents in Whitehaven are welcoming.

"The more money, the better the standard of living for everybody," Newsum said.

"We are on the rebound. There are a lot of things happening in the Whitehaven area and I think in the years to come, you will see a tremendous amount of commercial businesses coming back into the area," Burton said.

A generation after the king put Memphis on the map, he's on the verge of once again having Whitehaven all shook up.

"Whitehaven is the place to be," Burton said.

The Guest House at Graceland opens the last week of October.

The job fair is Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Graceland Plaza.

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