Laundromat owner pulls gun on man

Laundromat owner pulls gun on man

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man at a Memphis laundromat said he was threatened with a gun because of his color.

Kevin Henry said he went inside the Maytag on Lamar Avenue to try and use the restroom. He said the owner said no. Henry said he ran inside the bathroom anyway, and said when he came out of the restroom, the owner was holding a gun.

"I was scared for my life so I ran in the restroom and I locked the door," Henry said.

He said the owner used racial slurs and demanded that he leave his business because they don't allow non-customers to use the restroom.

"So I took my jacket off like I was about to wash it," Henry said. "I asked 'why do I have to leave?' and he said '(explicit) get out; this is my place, I say what I want to say.'"

According to the police, the owner said he went and got his gun because when he told the man to leave, he took off his jacket.

The laundromat owner declined to comment on the issue.

Police arrived and took Henry into custody, because they said he had previously been diagnosed with an unspecified mental disorders and wanted to harm and kill himself and others.

Henry denied having a mental disorder.

"They lied to get him off the hook," Henry said.

Memphians are split on the issue.

"If the man just wanted to use the restroom, he should have let him use the restroom," James Benton said.

"If it's no public restroom, he should have left," said Lydia Johnson.

Henry said this will serve as a lesson learned for when he wants to use a restroom.

No charges have been filed in the incident.

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