Mother accused of trying to have child's father killed

Mother accused of trying to have child's father killed

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis mother is accused of trying to have her son's father killed.

February 17, Dexter Brown went to drop off his son, Dexter Brown Jr., at Sandra Gray's home. Sandra is the child's mother. Brown said he waited 30 minutes, then left and was followed by two cars.

At the intersection of Faxon Avenue and Lane Avenue, the two cars blocked Brown in. Several people with guns got out of the cars.

According to the police report, suspect Kenneth Gray, also known as Lil Kenny, walked up to the driver's side of Brown's car and pointed a gun at him and his son. Gray then said, "I'm tired of this [expletive]. SanSan told us to do this [expletive]."

Gray then hit Brown in the eye with the gun and took the child from the car. Another person then reached into the car and took $2,000 in cash from the armrest of the car.

Brown later identified "SanSan" as Sandra Gray. According to the police report, Gray also called Brown within minutes of the incident and asked him, "You ain't dead yet?" She is also accused of threatening him.

Later that night, Gray said he saw the same two cars following him as he left his house. At least one person inside one of the cars started firing shots at him.

Brown was not injured.

Sandra Gray is charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

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