Family Dollar employees scared to death due to robbery spree

Family Dollar employees express fear after robbery spree

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Family Dollar employees said they are worried someone will get killed if something doesn't change. The feelings come after a spree of armed store robberies across the Mid-South.

Tuesday's armed robbery at the Family Dollar store in South Memphis was just the latest in a string of dozens of violent robberies at Family Dollar stores across the area in the past few months

Police still haven't caught the robber who was wearing a long wig and women's makeup.

But after our story aired on Tuesday, Family Dollar employees from across the Mid-South reached out to us with serious concerns about their safety while at work.

"It's really awful. Everyday you walk in there and you fear for your life and it's terrible," one employee said.

The employee agreed to talk to us, but didn't want to be identified.

She said workers are often left in the stores alone.

"Two people need to be there, two or three people on each shift to try, you know, be safe," the employee said.

She said there are security cameras all over the stores, but those don't make her feel safer.

"Because they're watching me. They're not watching the customers," she said.

She said there is only one way to make Family Dollar stores safer.

"They need a live body security in there. They really do," she said.

The employee said until that happens, she worries one of these armed robberies could become deadly.

"That's a legitimate concern that somebody is going to get killed there," she said.

We reached out to Family Dollar's corporate office for a statement on safety measures, but have not heard back.

While the worker fears she will lose her job for speaking out, she said it was something she had to do for all the employees.

"I don't know. But, hopefully they'll do something before it's too late," she said.

Family Dollar released the following statement Thursday:

Please know that the safety and security of our customers and associates is our first priority. Family Dollar has proudly operated stores in the Memphis area for many years. When violence in the communities and neighborhoods we serve occurs, it affects everyone- including our stores. Though we hope to never have to use them, we do have policies and rigorous trainings in place to best respond to store safety and security incidents and are committed to continually improving them to address potential threats to our stores.

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