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Good Thursday morning!!

You can now have a vote for how Overton Park should fix its parking problems. The Park Conservancy has been meeting with consultants looking at ways to add parking and improve access to all the attractions. Some of the new ideas bring in Uber drivers, add a park shuttle, and improve all the crosswalks leading to the park. You can vote on each of the 20 proposals.

Dozens of people plan to walk into Memphis City Council today with a demand for free speech. The Commercial Appeal reports the group is protesting an idea that the council should do away with or put restrictions on public comments at the end of meetings. It's an issue making headlines this morning.

Watch out for a police imposter. It's the warning from Memphis police as they look for someone who reportedly pulled over a man in a black Dodge Charger. This morning, the victim is opening up about the frightening experience.

Police are offering a cash reward in the search for more than 30 guns that could be in the hands of criminals. Assault rifles were among the weapons stolen from the home of a former police chief in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. Details from investigators this morning.
The Zika Virus is spreading in the United states. Michigan just confirmed it's first case overnight and three pregnant women in Florida have been added to the list of cases there. All are believed to be travel-related.


The rain has stopped and it is cooler outside. Temps are in the 30s..highs are not expected to reach above 50 today. Details on the day, week and the weekend on WMC Action News 5 with weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away.

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