Education bill giving recognition to ACCS schools delayed

Education bill giving recognition to ACCS schools delayed

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - State Senator Brian Kelsey's bill would have given the lowest level of state recognition to the 15 school members of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools in Tennessee.

However, concerns are being raised because of the ACCS's affiliation with pastor Doug Wilson.

Wilson is a founding member of the organization and wrote a book about classical education that ACCS schools base much of their teaching style on.

However, he has recently become controversial after lawmakers said videos of Wilson on Youtube appear to show the pastor as pro-slavery, thinking adulterers should be executed and LGBT people should be exiled.

The president of the ACCS said that Wilson does not promote those type of beliefs. He also said ACCS schools do not promote those hateful issues.

The head of Westminster Academy, the only ACCS school in Memphis, said they teach nothing close to the hateful messages that have been associated with Wilson.

She also said the bill now being proposed would not affect Westminster, because they are already accredited.

In addition to Westminster, Regents School is the only other ACCS school in the Mid-South and it's in Oxford.

After all these concerns over controversy were raised, Senator Kelsey sent the bill back down to the calendar committee.

Kelsey did not answer calls on the issue. One of his staff members said he does not plan to bring the bill back up again this year.

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