Dude Perfect 'tricks' it up Bass Pro style

Dude Perfect 'tricks' it up Bass Pro style

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - YouTube stars Dude Perfect, known for their trick shots, tricked it up Bass Pro style.

"What's up we're Dude Perfect, welcome to Bass Pro Edition," they said.

Dude Perfect, a group of five best friends, met in college at Texas A&M.

"Locked in the store with my buds, doing fun stuff."

After betting on trick shots for sandwiches, they turned into YouTube stars. Now the crew is turning their antics into cash with promotional videos.

While locked in Bass Pro, the guys had free range of everything, from scooter cooler rides to bowling.

"We're going fishing."

The shenanigans didn't stop in the water.

"That's a good fish, that's a good fish. I love fishing in aquariums."

'Paddle Board Jousting' was one of the many things they attempted.

"Let's get it on, YAY!"

And the shot it all came down to, the Memphis Pyramid shot, which was no doubt a perfect shot.

"No way, this pyramid is bigger than the one in Egypt."

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