Best, worst store credit card rates

Best and worst store credit cards

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - We've all been at the department store register about to pay for items when the store clerk says, "You can save 15 percent on your purchase today if you sign up for our store credit card."

It may be tempting, but you need to check out the interest rate on those cards before buying in.

Analysts at completed a study of 60 store credit cards and ranked the best and worst when it comes to interest rates.

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Here's how the cards with the highest rates stack up:

  1. Zales Credit Card -- Interest rate: 29.24%
  2. Staples Credit Card -- Interest rate: 28.24%
  3. Justice Credit Card -- Interest rate: 27.24%
  4. T.J. Maxx Credit Card -- Interest rate: 27.24%

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Why are the rates so high?

"You have a wide range of people who apply for them, so you might have people with very good credit, but also people with not so good credit," Matt Schulz, a senior analyst for, said.

Here's how the cards with the lowest rates stack up:

  1. Williams-Sonoma Credit Card -- Interest rate: 13.99-21.99%
  2. Nordstrom Credit Card -- Interest rate: 10.99-22.99%
  3. Dillard’s Credit Card -- Interest rate:  9.99-24.99%

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