Dr. Ben Carson stops in Memphis on campaign tour

Dr. Ben Carson stops in Memphis on campaign tour
(Source: Bellevue Baptist Church)
(Source: Bellevue Baptist Church)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Presidential hopeful Ben Carson made a stop in Memphis on Sunday.

Carson made an appearance at Alpha Omega Veterans Services.

Before making his appearance at Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Dr. Carson attended worship service at Bellevue Baptist Church.

Carson discussed his proposals on updating veteran services, including a program that does not wait until after men and women leave the military, but during as well.

"We would not be a free country without our veterans," Carson said.

He said veterans feel they have been left without support systems or resources and this is an issue that cannot be pushed aside any longer.

"It's a matter of we the people asserting ourselves and not being manipulated by the political class," Carson said.

Combining his experience in politics and neurology, Carson is proposing a more interactive support program.

"That follows them through their entire military career not just when it's over," he said. "It continues with them for three to five years after they're discharged because that's when PTSD is most likely to show up."

Due to the press-only nature of the event, many of Dr. Carson's supporters were left outside the gate thinking they were just waiting to go in.

"Wow, that's so surprising," Troy Bowens said. "I didn't know they were going to stop us at the gate."

Bowens, along with dozens of people, had the same idea.

"I feel like somebody dropped the ball," Beth Harte said.

Carson eventually came out to shake hands and take photos before leaving, but it was not the appearance some wanted.

"I was hoping to see him and see him speak," Harte said.

This is Dr. Carson's second visit to the Mid-South. He first came to West Memphis, Arkansas, in November 2015, where he held a rally.

Carson is one of four presidential candidates who visited Memphis this weekend. Ohio Governor John Kasich held a meeting at town hall on Friday. Real estate mogul Donald Trump made an appearance in Millington Saturday. Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton made a stop at two Memphis churches Sunday.

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