Interview: Presidential candidate Marco Rubio talks campaign with WMC Action News 5

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio talks campaign with WMC Action News 5

Republican candidate Marco Rubio talked with WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton to discuss his campaign ahead of Super Tuesday.

"We want to get as many delegates as we can and of course Tennessee is critical for that, so we're asking everyone in Tennessee who is still trying to make up their mind to come on aboard our team at and learn more about us," Rubio said.

Rubio discussed possible ways to improve on Memphis' crime and gun violence rates.

"We have a second amendment right to protect ourselves and your families and gun laws unfortunately do not keep guns out of the hands of criminals; criminals don't follow the law, law abiding people do."

Addressing gun laws was not Rubio's only solution.

"We also have to recognize that we have a serious problem in our culture where life is being devalued," he said. "Where family structures are falling apart, and that's how you wind up with a 19-year-old that's willing to shoot up a house and kill people with no regard to who's in that house. I think these are things we need to examine."

Rubio also said he is a supporter of mandatory minimum sentences for violent criminals.

When asked about equal wages, Rubio discussed the income disparity.

"Income disparity in America is the result of an opportunity gap that's opened up," he said. "It's an opportunity gap that's largely the basis of skills. In the 21st century, every good paying job requires a higher level of skills. Maybe not a college degree; that's why I support vocational training. We have to close the skills gap. We also have to ensure that in America we are the best place to start a business or grow an existing business."

Rubio also discussed the issue of illegal immigration.

"Well, I don't support amnesty. I think the first thing we have to do is secure our borders and after we secure our border and prove to people that illegal immigration is under control, I think the American people are going to be very reasonable and responsible about how we deal with someone who's been in this country a long time, is here illegally but is not otherwise a criminal, passes a background check, learns English, pays a fine for wrongdoing and has a work permit. I think that people would be very reasonable about that."

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