What you need to know for Super Tuesday

What you need to know for Super Tuesday

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As you prepare to head to the polls on Super Tuesday, there are a few things you need to know to make sure your vote counts. It's important before heading out to make sure you know which precinct you are supposed to vote at. You can do that by clicking here.

"That's why you got to vote, because your vote matters. Everybody's vote matters. It counts," Erin Ballard said.

Before taking that step out of your home, make sure you have a state or federal picture ID. If you don't have an ID, you can still vote, but you will be given a provisional ballot, not a normal ballot.

With a provisional ballot, this requires additional steps from you to ensure your vote counts.

"They've got two business days to come back to the election commission with the proper form of ID. If they do that, we will then count the ballot," Shelby County Election Commission Chairman Robert Meyers said.

In order to save you the additional steps, bring your ID with you when you go to the polls and your vote will count on that day.

Regardless of the party you have voted for in the past, everyone has the ability to vote in either the Republican or the Democratic primary.

Remember, not only will you be voting for your choice of the presidential nominee for that party, but you will also be choosing delegates for the party's convention.

For those who may be concerned about potential problems on election day based on previous problems for the Shelby County Election Commission on past election days, Meyers said people do not need to worry about their vote not counting.

"We've had other communication problems and other problems that are peripheral to that, but never a problem with the integrity of the vote," Meyers said.

With the position of President of the United States up for grabs, Meyers said that is the one reason everyone should be planning to hit the polls on Super Tuesday.

"I can think of no more important position in the world, and so you should come out and vote and let your voice be heard," Meyers said.

"It's very important. To me, it's very important because we have your kids' kids, and then your kids are going to have kids. They've got to have someone to follow behind," Ballard said.

For additional information on Super Tuesday and voting including acceptable forms of ID, polling times, frequently asked questions, and how to get a ride to the polls if you need one, visit our Election Guide by clicking here.

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