Man arrested, suspected of impersonating deputy

Man arrested, suspected of impersonating deputy

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man faces criminal charges after investigators found gear in his repossessed car that could have been used to impersonate deputies.

Jason Skelton's 2009 KIA Borrego was repossessed Saturday. The car had blue lights in the front grill, a blue light mounted on the dashboard, and a black hat with a sheriff's logo placed on the dashboard. There were also two badges and a gun with several rounds of ammo inside the car. The license plate, which was expired, had an altered 2015 sticker, covered with a blue line sticker.

"It's crazy how people can have easy access to that," Kantrell Webb said.

Skelton is now in jail facing charges of altering a license plate and illegal use of flashing blue lights on a vehicle, but investigators said it could have been much worse.

"If I'm depending on the law, I want the law to be who he is," Linda Gordon said. "I don't want a person coming up here imitating."

Imitating an officer of the law is not unheard of. A week before Skelton was arrested, police issued an alert for a man who used a fake police car to pull over an unsuspecting driver.

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