MS attorney sues governor over state flag

MS attorney sues governor over state flag

JACKSON, MS (WMC) - A lawsuit has been filed suing the governor over the use of the state flag in Mississippi.

Mississippi Attorney Carlos Moore has filed the federal lawsuit. He wants the flag to come down, saying it incites racial violence.

"Particularly African Americans," Moore said. "We have been treated as second class citizens for far too long. The time is right now for a chance."

Moore has gone a step further, hoping the flag will be taken down even during the lawsuit process.

"The time is now to do something, so we are going to file a temporary restraining order," Moore said.

Mississippi natives are split on the issue of confederate symbols.

"It really doesn't bother me. It's free speech," Janice Bernard said.

"It's offensive to some people," Smiah Tyler said.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant called the lawsuit "frivolous." He said voters should choose if they want the state flag redesigned.

In Tennessee, the Heritage Protection Act awaits the governor's signature. It protects confederate monuments from being moved from public property, like the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Memphis.

Bryant has 21 days to respond to the lawsuit regarding the state flag.

"It's a part of history," Keota Bartee said. "Something that has been there for hundreds of years."

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