Parents warn of sex offender in neighborhood

Parents warn of sex offender in neighborhood

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Parents in East Memphis neighborhoods are on alert after they claim a man on the Sex Offender Registry has been combing their neighborhoods, even saying inappropriate things to their kids.

The neighbors aren't sure what to think, so they said they're taking precautions.

"That was back early in the summer and my older children were outside playing. He just rode up in the pickup truck, looked at one of them, and said 'you look kind of tired. Do you need a ride?," parent Katie Redeker said.

Redeker's children ran home after that and told her.

"At the time I said 'girls ya'll are just being silly' and kind of wrote it off until my neighbor posted yesterday those exact words being said to a child in her neighborhood," Redeker said.

Redeker put it on Facebook and it kind of went crazy, also ending up on the Next Door app for her Normandy Meadows neighborhood in East Memphis.

Neighbors said the man is Patrick Lee Himes, a registered sex offender. An address for him leads to a motel. Neighbors got his name off of his red work truck. He has done work like cleaning gutters and pressure washing. They said he has been driving around the neighborhood. One neighbor got a photo of him at her front door.

Redeker said the woman was satisfied with the work until she said he continued to come back.

"He said he was down on his luck and needed money," Redeker added.

Redeker said he was even seen taking pictures at a house that had children.

"Very scary, obviously protecting my children is first and foremost. He could be a perfectly fine gentleman for all I know," Redeker said.

But the neighbors aren't letting their guard down.

WMC Action News 5 checked with police to see if any reports have been filed and is waiting for a response.

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