Men wave guns, gang signs in threatening video

Men wave guns, gang signs in threatening video

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A video making the rounds on social media has many people in Memphis concerned.

The video had more than 900,000 views Friday afternoon.

In the video, rapper Black Youngsta and a group of men are seen waving guns and throwing up gang signs. They said they're looking for rapper Young Dolph, and repetitively call on him to show up.

Click here to watch the full video. **WARNING: It contains graphic language that may not be suitable for some viewers.**

The people in the video claim to be in the Castalia Apartments in South Memphis.

Several men in the video claim to be members of the Bloods gang.

Although many are alarmed by the video, Dr. Jeffrey Futrell is not. Futrell is the founder of Young Man University.

"There are a couple [boys] on there I saw that I know. I'm going to talk to them," Futrell said. "I'm going to talk to them whether they listen to me or not."

For more than 12 years, Futrell has used Young Man University to mentor and change the lives of young men dealing with violence.

Neither rapper in the video confirmed if their alleged beef is a publicity stunt or not.

However, Futrell said the image they are portraying permeates to the youth and instills a culture of dangerous behavior.

"That's a system that they're showing. A system of hate, disrespect, whatever it is, it's a system," Futrell said. "So, it's going to require a system to redo it."

He believes if the community reaches out to these young men, it can break down the system and change this behavior.

"Love is truly the answer. In its consistency, in its harshness, however you need to display it. In your persistency to give it, that's what the ultimate goal is. To start to let them know, 'Hey man, we love you. We're trying to see you do something different,'" Futrell said.

Memphis Police Association posted a like to the video on its Facebook page, warning officers to be careful.

In their post, MPA wrote:

"This is scary and we want you to notice the weapons that they have. This is no joke. Automatic weapons include extended clips. This is what the police are up against in the streets of Memphis. Give the benefits back. There is a police car, blue lights at the end of the video. Officers, please be careful out there."

In the end of the video, Black Youngsta rides off in a Lamborghini, passing police. He claims his car and guns are 'legit.'

According to MPD, officers have not opened an investigation into this video because no victim has come forward.

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