Sex offender responds to worried parents: 'I'm not a child molester'

Sex offender responds to worried parents: 'I'm not a child molester'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A registered sex offender insists he's not a threat to anyone and hopes people concerned about him can accept that he's changed.

Parents in one East Memphis neighborhood said they were concerned, because Patrick Himes was saying inappropriate things to their children.

Himes responded to their fears by saying he's not a perfect angel, but he's not a sexual deviant preying on young girls.

Himes said this all began in Wisconsin in 2002 when he made the mistake of sleeping with his friend's wife.

"He got his younger brother's girlfriend to say that we had sex--which never happened," Himes said. "She was 14, and I was 28--No, it never happened."

Himes said at the time he was on the run from a probation violation in Texas. He said he wanted to avoid going to prison, so his attorney convinced him to take a plea deal on the charge of sexual assault of a minor.

"His exact words: 'Go ahead and take the probation; it's no big deal.' Those were his exact words, and it is a big deal," Himes said.

The big deal is being labeled a sex offender. He said it has ruined his life.

"Because people look at you--I'm not a child molester. I'm not a rapist. I've never hurt anyone, but my family and my parents. I've worried them to death," Himes said.

Recently neighbors have accused him of trying to pick up young girls by offering them rides. It's something that has parents around town terrified.

Himes denies that any of that has happened. He said he has not offered any rides to young girls.

"No, sir. No, sir, and I'm willing to take a polygraph," Himes said.

In fact, he claims there is no possible way he could offer a ride. He said his van has been in the impound lot for a month. He's been riding a bicycle the whole time.

Himes said he understands why parents are worried, and he admits he has not been a perfect angel. He said he has a criminal past.

"There are things that I am guilty of," Himes said. "I used to do drugs."

But when it comes to preying on young girls, he said that is not who he is.

"I would never do anything to harm a child, or, or anyone for that matter."

Himes said he is trying to prove his innocence on the sexual assault of a child case. He wants to prove he's not a sex offender so he can get off the sex offender registry.

He also said he's been off drugs for a year-and-a-half. He said all he wants now is to be able to work and live a simple life.

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