Men wanted for cloning credit cards in Bartlett

Men wanted for cloning credit cards in Bartlett

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two men have been cloning credit cards in Bartlett.

Bartlett Police Department said officers are trying to track down two men who are lifting credit card information from innocent bystanders.

"Once they get your information, I mean that's it," Eric Claus said.

BPD said the two men walked into a Walmart on Highway 64 in February and used a cloned credit card to buy several items.

Nancy Crawford of the Better Business Bureau said the crime is almost impossible to prevent.

"They can put a device on an ATM or a gas pump that records that information on a magnetic strip on your card, or they can use a hand held skimmer. Or they can get your information online through phishing attempts, through emails, through data breaches," Crawford said.

All that boils down to is that credit card cloners could get your information when you're buying something or while you're just standing around with your credit card in your pocket.

Once the thieves have your information, they can recreate or clone your card. They'll then use that card to buy whatever they want.

Crawford said the best thing to do is to keep your eye on your accounts. If you notice any charges that you don't remember making, take action immediately.

"The first thing you want to do is report it to the credit card company," Crawford said. "Then you want to look at your credit report and have them place an initial fraud alert on your credit report."

Also, if you see a strange device on a gas pump or an ATM, don't use it. The device could be designed to steal your information .

The two Bartlett card cloners are still at large. If you know who they are, contact Bartlett Police Department at 901-385-5565.

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