Hit-and-run driver remains at large

Hit and run driver remains at large

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police are looking for an older model Toyota sedan with a shattered windshield that was involved in a hit-and-run.

"I felt something coming up on me and it was 'boom'," Chardan Hardrick said.

That 'boom' broke Hardrick's nose, fractured her leg, and left her in a neck brace.

"All I remember is 'boom'," Hardrick said. "Hitting the windshield and coming back down."

Hardrick was hit by a car Wednesday night underneath Bill Morris Parkway at Winchester Road while walking to Walmart.

"I kept thinking 'Lord, please don't let me die out here," Hardrick said.

She said the driver, who didn't have his lights on, came out of nowhere after she looked both ways. She said the driver then actually stopped after the impact and talked to her.

"He just kept saying 'I didn't see you. I didn't see you." I said "please call 911," Hardrick said.

Instead, she said he got back in his car and took off, leaving her alone and injured in the street.

"I said all these cars, this is a big intersection, I know somebody is going to stop," Hardrick said.

Eventually, three Good Samaritans did stop, blocked traffic, and called for police and paramedics.

"He knew, if he was going to get caught, what was going to happen, so that's why he left," Hardrick said.

The car police are looking for is an older white Toyota sedan, possibly a Corolla. It either has a shattered windshield or recently repaired one.

The driver was in his 30s with a black bowl-cut hair cut.

Doctors told Hardrick she will be recovering for weeks.

If you have any information on the driver of the vehicle, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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