Matthews says allegations are lies; victim says he's been harrassed

Matthews says allegations are lies; victim says he's been harrassed

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews was arrested Friday after a man said Matthews threatened him and posted nude photos of him online.

Matthews said all of this is a lie.

"Everything in here is a lie," Matthews said. "The first sentence is a lie; I'm not even on air on Saturdays. I gave him a threatening look, what does that mean?"

Court papers indicate Fred McWilliams told police that Matthews made threats to do bodily harm to him on Matthews' talk show and on his Facebook page. It also states Matthews posted nude, uncensored photos of McWilliams on his blog and censored pictures on television and Facebook.

Matthews said his feud with McWilliams is all to get back at him for a lawsuit he recently filed against McWilliams, accusing him of installing spyware on his computer.

"The evidence is here," Matthews said. "It's just a retaliation, a $10 million lawsuit against him."

McWilliams would not discuss the lawsuit, but said the harassment he has been facing has become hard to bare.

"Regardless of how it started or when it started, I have been harassed, stalked, intimidated, emotionally distressed," McWilliams said.

McWilliams said Matthews has been harassing him both on air and in person.

"Being afraid to leave home. Being afraid to come to church or go out to eat."

McWilliams said he simply wants justice.

"He's very powerful. He's very loud and he's very dangerous."

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