New pictures reveal progress on Harahan Bridge

New pictures reveal progress on Harahan Bridge

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For those who love the river, going cycling, running, or walking, new pictures from the Big River Crossing will get you excited.

Photographer Lisa Buser went up on the Big River Crossing and captured amazing progress on the pedestrian walkway slated to open later this year as part of the Harahan Bridge Project--a project several years in the making.

Big River Crossing and Harahan Bridge will create a pedestrian and bicycle route from Downtown Memphis to Crittenden County, Arkansas.

The pedestrian walkway is slated to open sometime in 2016.

Click here to see the latest pictures of the bridge.

A locked gate keeps access to the Big River Crossing limited to workers building Memphis' beautiful new addition high above the Mississippi River.

The shining new walkway is 10 feet wide. It's 4,824 feet across the river from Tennessee to Arkansas!

New pictures from the Big River Crossing camera captured spectacular views of Downtown Memphis and Tom Lee Park.

Union Pacific Railroad runs most of the trains across the Harahan. A tall fence prevents access to those train tracks.

The Harahan's original 1917 steel super-structure upholds the new span.

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Back in 1917, there was a roadway on either side of the Harahan with wooden planks covering the steel so cars could drive across. When the Big River Crossing opens later this year, your feet will be touching a special kind of lightweight aluminum designed to grip your running shoes and bicycle tires.

Ohio Gratings, Inc. manufactured the walkway and fencing. A Fulton, Missouri company (called OCCI Inc.) with expertise in building railroad bridges is the contractor.

Memphis-based Allen and Hoshall serves as the engineering firm on the Big River Crossing.

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