Residents in Olive Branch concerned about gravel pit proposal

Residents worried over gravel mine proposal

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC) - Homeowners just outside of Olive Branch are trying to stop a major gravel quarry from setting up shop in their backyard.

Residents said they received a letter last week notifying them that Standard Construction Company wanted to turn an open piece of land into a gravel mining operation.

The residents are fighting back against the proposal.

"That's six trucks a minute," Evening Shade Homeowners Association President John Burrell said.

Burrell said people move to the neighborhood because of the silence and peace they can get. He said the construction and gravel mining operation destroys all of that.

Standard Construction Company Inc. submitted an application to the DeSoto County Board of Adjustment to build a 192 acre gravel mining pit in the middle of the residential neighborhood. According to the proposal, the project would last 12 years.

"We drink water, not gravel and guess what, I don't want to eat any sand and it will be all over the place," Burrell said.

Residents said they are not only worried about noise pollution, but air pollution and water pollution as well.

Many residents have wells that they are afraid will become contaminated.

There is also protected wetlands on the outskirts of the project that they fear will be effected.

"It was like 'ra-ta-ta-ta,' could you imagine that everyday? Could you imagine someone cutting down trees in your backyard times 75 every single day?" Burrell said.

"It will be terrible to hear that all day and night, the pollution, the dust," Brad King said.

We reached out to Standard Construction Company Inc, about the concerns of residents, but phone calls were not returned.

Residents said if the proposal is passed, they plan to appeal it.

There will be a meeting to discuss this application on Monday night.

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