Strickland, Williams working with community to lower homicides

Strickland, Williams working with community to lower homicides

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Less than three months into 2016, 45 people have been killed in Memphis.

Mayor Jim Strickland said while crime can be unpredictable, he has a plan.

On average, one person has been killed in the city of Memphis every day and a half in 2016.

"It's to the point where it's more than what city government can do alone," Strickland said. "Homicides are frankly random and less predictable, which means we are less able to prevent them, but that doesn't mean we are not trying."

Strickland said while there are more police on the streets, there are also more coming with a recruitment class scheduled for April and the fall.

"We have more boots on the ground than we did 30 days ago patrolling the streets," Strickland said.

Strickland said junior officers are being sent to more traffic related incidents in order to leave the commissioned officers available to investigate the violent crimes.

Despite the changes, Strickland does acknowledge it will take input from the community to change the mindset of the younger generation.

"There is a possible gang war going on that no one wants to talk about," Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams said.

Williams also points out that local community centers in troubled areas like Raleigh and Frayser need more resources to capture our youth.

"Do you want them running the streets or do you want them doing something that is challenging their minds and keeping them gainfully occupied?" Williams asked.

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